Since 1981, I have helped more than 2,000 Hoosiers and small businesses take on their legal challenges.  My practice focuses on several different types of law because life’s challenges can take strange turns.  Even individual cases can draw on several different areas of the law. 

My clients and their trust are my greatest professional focus.  Deciding which lawyer to hire is an important decision and one that can affect how a matter is resolved. For more than 40 years, I have been fortunate to provide personalized legal help to Hoosiers when it matters most. I hope to earn your trust.

Practice Areas


Has the Department of Child Services or Child Protective Services invaded your family’s life? If the process has started to find your child in need of services, or even to terminate your parental rights, it is important you learn what you can do to protect your family. The juvenile court system is different from other courts in many ways, and it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side who can stand up to DCS or CPS.

Criminal Defense

If the government files criminal charges against you, make sure you know your Constitutional rights.  Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Randall Parr has practiced criminal defense in most Indiana counties and in both state and federal court and will help the law to work for you. He has handled everything from DUIs, to theft, to child molesting, to serious violent crimes. After fighting for his clients against prosecutors for nearly 40 years, he knows how to combat their tactics and strategy no matter what you’re charged with.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

The Juvenile Justice system is very different from adult criminal court proceedings, and requires an attorney who understands those differences and has experience practicing before judges in juvenile court. Even though juvenile cases are not technically considered criminal, the equivalent of a guilty verdict (called a “true finding”) can often be just as devastating and have lasting consequences.  If your child has been arrested, contact juvenile criminal defense lawyer Randall Parr today.

Family Law

Are you filing for divorce, establishing paternity, fighting for child support, or trying to get custody of your child? Dealing with family issues is never easy. It can be emotionally challenging–after all, you’re dealing with the separation of lives, often involving children. At times you might feel alone. But giving your child the best chance to succeed is the right thing to do, and an experienced family law attorney can play an important part in achieving that goal.

Estate and Probate

You have worked hard throughout your life.  When the time comes for your property to transfer to the next generation, make sure a solid plan is in place. Additionally, you might discover that a recently-deceased loved one’s wishes are not being administered properly. Make sure that your interests are protected.

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