Handgun Violations Attorney

The Second Amendment guarantees the right to self-defense using a firearm.  However, there are a number of restrictions and requirements that you have to abide by, especially when handguns are involved.  It is also possible for you to lose your right to have a handgun.  Usually, handgun violations can vary from carrying without a license, to being denied a concealed carry permit, to suspension or revocation of your handgun license.  If you are charged with a handgun violation, contact Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Randall Parr immediately.

Indiana Code 35-47-2 outlines some of the procedures and guidelines regarding gun permits/licenses.

Indiana requires a license to carry a handgun in most circumstances, and it is against the law to do so without a license.  This includes keeping it in any vehicle.  There are some limited exceptions that might apply in a case-by-case basis.

The superintendent also has the power to suspend or revoke any license if the superintendent has reasonable grounds to believe that the person’s license should be revoked or suspended.  This requires showing that the person who is losing the right to carry a handgun is not a “proper person” as Indiana law defines it in IC 35-47-1-7, or is prohibited under section 3(g)(5) of the chapter from being issued a license.  But, if the license is revoked just because somebody is arrested, the license is reinstated if the charges are dropped or the person acquitted.

When somebody applies for a handgun license, it must be granted or rejected within 60 days after the application is filed.  If it is not a lifetime license, you can begin the process to renew the license within 365 days before the license expires.  And, if the renewal is filed within 30 days of its expiration, the license is automatically extended until the applications for renewal has passed.

*See Indiana Code for full description of all crimes and statutes. This is a partial listing only.